With a 15-year tenure in the music business, Jarred Causly has influenced music creators to compose beyond the boundaries of everyday listening and create with an ear of visual imagination.

I’ve always held to the fact that music is visual; the more you can pull an image out of your sound, the better it makes for your composition to be licensed.” – Jarred Causly

Jarred Causly

professional description

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Passionate and innovative A&R Director, Music Licensing and Label Partnerships Manager, with 15 years of progressive experience that encompasses a broad scope of talent acquisition for album and synch placement. 

Possesses a long-standing tenure of working alongside the music industry’s major label partners and elite up-incoming artists and producers.

Has the proven ability to maneuver between all genres creatively, in order to deliver premium content for various media platforms with proficient detailed organization

  • Trailer Park Group
    Hollywood, California
    Lead Music Supervisor
  • Synch Different, LLC
    Los Angeles, California
    Music Supervisor, Head of Sync A&R
  • Erica St. Clair Productions | ‘I Can Save You’ Film
    Santa Monica, California
    Music Supervisor
  • Songtradr, Inc
    Santa Monica, California
    Director of Creative Artist Relations/Music Licensing Manager
  • Ivree Productions, Inc/Capitol Records
    Hollywood, California
    A&R Director
  • Universal Music Group/Universal Music Enterprises (UMe)
    Santa Monica, California
    Film/TV Music Coordinator
  • Universal Music Group/Polygram Ent.
    Santa Monica, California
    Partnerships and Creative Content Assistant
  • Black Jahpeto Music Publishing Company
    Los Angeles, California
    Creative Synch Licensing Supervisor
  • Winogradsky/Sobel, Music Licensing Firm
    Los Angeles, California
    Synch Licensing Assistant Supervisor


My Expertise

  • Film/TV/AD Music Licensing 100% 100%
  • Music Administration 100% 100%
  • Creative Synch Licensing 100% 100%
  • Synch & Digital Licensing Negotiations 100% 100%
  • Label Partnerships 100% 100%
  • Music Clearance Specialist 100% 100%
  • Music Supervisor 100% 100%
  • Business Development 100% 100%


My Story

Starting with a musically trained ear at an early age, Jarred synchronized his personal compositions to dubbed videotapes of his favorite animated action scenes. He began showcasing his work at the many creative music outlets across Los Angeles, which soon led to his first apprenticeship with world-renowned composer and music producer, Robert Rettberg. While under Rettberg’s tutelage, Jarred quickly gained the attention of his peers with an innovative visual sound that would catapult him into becoming a creative licensing standout.

He was soon recognized for his amazing “sync-ear” and within months, his work began to gain traction with securing music placements with brands like Adidas, Ford and Nascar; along with getting music featured in major television networks across the globe.

With having early success in landing placements, Jarred turned his passion for sync licensing into a career. His start began with a three-year tenure at the Winogradsky/Sobel (WinSo) Music Licensing Firm. He locked in as the head of Sync A&R and Lead Music Curator. While working for WinSo, his production catalog maintained its traction and secured further placements with ABC’s record-breaking sitcom, “How I Met Your Mother” TNT’s “Franklin and Bash” and NBC’s “Criminal Minds”.

After his time at WinSo, Jarred focused on building a network of independent creative licensing professionals. This collective would form the Illiad Music Library which was a platform comprised of fellow music composers, artists, and producers. The Illiad Music Library was responsible for hundreds of music placements in TV, Film, Documentaries and Advertisements. The success of the library led to Jarred and his team writing custom music for the APM music library. These works are still being used by production houses to this day.

Jarred Causly continued to navigate his way through the music business, forging his way through the ever-changing world of sync licensing. He has worked for a handful of music companies throughout his journey, including the illustrious Universal Music Group. Working for UMG opened his perspective and helped him broaden his skill-set – leveling up his expertise in creative sync and honing his music clearance savvy.

Today, Jarred is the Lead Music Supervisor of TV Promo and Trailers for Trailer Park Group in Hollywood, California. Jarred works on projects for a myriad of brands and TV platforms like Tubi, Freeform, ABC, NBC, Hulu, Disney+, BET+, and more. He’s responsible for selecting music to support TV promos, TV trailers, and network sizzles for Trailer Park’s producers, editors, and clients. When conducting music searches, he works with major and indie labels alike, along with dozens of music publishers and music libraries in order to find the perfect compositions to pair with media.

past works 

placement history


Film: I Can Save You – June 2020
Cowherd and Whitlock: Speak For Yourself – 2019
Ricky Smiley for Real – 2019
The Direction – 2019
Ford Motor Company – 2019
The Movies That Made Us – Episode 2 – July 2019, August 2019
Film: Grieving – 2019
Nascar Race Hub – 2018
Youtube Spot On – 2018
Coach Snoop – 2018
Road to the Olympic Games (Canada) – 2018
Next VR Great plays in VR – 2018
Ford Web Spots – 2017
Playball Ep. 203 – 2017
60 Days In Ep. 306 – 2017
Bossip – 2017
Cowherd and Whitlock, Speak for Yourself P 57- 2017
Rickey Smiley – 2017
Real Husbands of Hollywood -2016
Spot On Catalog for APM Music -2016 (On going)
Production for Oovra Music -2016 (On going)
Wuthering High – 2015
NCIS Los Angeles for CBS Network 2011, 2012
Extra NBC, 2008, 2009
Franklin&Bash TNT – 2012
Criminal Minds, CBS – 2013
Adidas, Off The Court Campaign – 2013
How I met Your Mother, NBC – 2013
COCKTAILS, MTV Canada,/Much Music – 2012

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